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As we know the blessed month of Ramadan is fast approaching, were all filled with excitement and enthusiasm for this beloved month but how are we going to make sure we are making the best of the blessed month.Self care comes first and is also a form of Ibadah. Looking after and naturing what Allah has given to you is a form of gratitude. Self care goes beyond pretty face masks or the famous “self care Sunday” sometimes self care is taking the time out to actually take care of yourself and your soul, sometimes self care is facing the bitter truths about ourselves that we often run away from. How are you caring for yourself and your soul this Ramadan ? What are the ingredients to your self care recipe ? How are we nourishing our souls this Ramadan ? We asked and here are a few of the tips we received back.

1. Whatever you plan on doing, do it with a pure heart, insure you are always reflecting on your intentions as they can always change subconsciously - do the work within, check yourself.

2. Allah loves small acts of worship that are consistent more than those big acts of worship that you do every now again, its never the amount of what you do or what you put, its always the quality behind it that counts.

3. Take time out for yourself, journal through the days what's made you happy ?, what are you pleased with ? What could you work on ? Journaling allows you to reflect on your inner self and things that we are usually too busy to pick up on.

4. Talk. To who ? Allah. Take some time out of your day to converse with Allah, whether it be in the morning or in the evening, allow your soul to create with its creator, you'd be surprised with how much it has to say.

5. Become one with Allah and show gratitude wherever you can, understand that their are people praying to be in your position, use each day to show gratitude towards the things that you deem "normal", your "normal" is someone else dream.

6. Praying brings comfort like no other - Never neglect your Salah. When the burdens of this world get too much for you to carry, remember there’s always 2 rakats filled with tranquility waiting for you.

7. Do what you can do, and leave the rest to Allah. Ibadah is not a competition.

8. Be gentle with yourself. Be gentle with Allah. Sometimes our focus is on getting it done rather than getting it right. It’s okay to have hiccups.

9. A verse a day keeps shaytaan away, it doesn’t matter how many pages the other sister or brother is reading. As long as you’re doing what’s right for you, that’s all that matters.

10. Allow yourself to Be. Be in the mist of the love of Allah. Understand Allah hears you more than you hear yourself, sees you more than you see yourself. Allah is there.

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