Are Modesty and Fashion mutually exclusive? ​- Zaidat

As-salaam Alaikum my loves! Zaidat (زايدة) here. Some of you may or may not know me as @zaidatangela on Instagram! I mainly put together outfit and beauty posts, two things I love, so when I was asked to create such content for The Black Muslim Girl, I couldn’t say no. In Sha Allah, my goal is to be as open as possible with all of you on here and provide you with as many fashion and beauty inpso and tips as I possibly can. From ‘Top Black-Girl friendly Makeup brands to look out for in 2019’ to ‘Muslimah-friendly fashion trends’, everything's up for discussion! Lastly, I want this section of TBMG to be an outlet for all of you to share your opinions and advice regarding all things fashion and beauty. Individual perspectives are always interesting to hear and learn from, and as Coco Chanel put it: "The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud." Here's to a safe space for my Muslim sisters and I to bond over makeup, clothing, and much more. Love, Zaidat x

I thought I’d start with a question that has crossed the minds of a lot of us as Muslimahs: Can you actually be Modest and still be considered Fashionable? When you hear the word ‘modesty’, what comes to mind? In the past, I must shamefully admit that the idea of being modest personally came with negative connotations. To me, ‘modesty’ meant long, plain skirts and boring outfits, lack of colour, and to be quite frank, everything I did not want to be (or wear!). I felt that by dressing more modestly, I’d be losing most of my Identity which I tend to express through the clothes I wear. I felt that I couldn’t possibly be modest without having to get rid of my entire wardrobe and starting again. It was as though I had to choose one; Being Stylish or Being Modest.

So what changed my mind? I learned of these two facts; firstly, fashion has no rules, and secondly, ‘fashion’ is what YOU consider it to be. Once I came to terms with this, any previous pessimistic thoughts I had about modesty left my mind, and I quickly came to terms with the fact that modesty and being stylish doesn’t have to be two separate things. The truth is modesty and being fashionable, are both pretty easy to incorporate into our wardrobes without having to go for one or the other, once you think about it. Don’t get me wrong, I know the struggle our generation faces when trying to find pieces that aren’t tight fitting, or a nice pair of trousers that don’t have that sneaky slit in the side, it’s all the fashion industry can seem to offer us these days. However, if you find a piece that you personally like, and it fits the basic guidelines or how a Muslim woman should dress, then all it boils down to is how good of a stylist you are. Since fashion has no rules, It’s only you and your creativity that can turn that  plain-looking piece into a trend! The clothes don’t wear you, you wear the clothes, and so what looks unpleasant on the clothing rack can be considered ‘stylish’ on you, only if that’s what you choose to confidently portray.

Fashion is what you make it, and if you decide that your idea of fashion is equal to modesty, then no one can fault you on that.

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