The Women In Me

At the beginning of this year I promised myself that I will attend more events to network and learn from like minded sisters. Working in the corporate world I was never able to identify myself with others as I did not see many people like myself. Therefore I ensured that I embarked that journey of looking for sisters that are in similar situation as me and just want to hear their stories. I was fortunate enough to help out at the event as an ambassador for The Black Muslim Girl.

The woman in me event which was held on Saturday 20th April 2019 was a well organized event. The venue was located in a Hackney East London which was owned by a Somali Muslim family. They were very welcoming and made us feel a part of the family. We used two rooms the main reception area and on of the studio rooms were one of the workshops was held. As you entered the main reception area there was a bright pink flower wall, then welcome drinks and some snacks, to your left there was the goody bags for the attendees. The chairs were set up in rows like a theatre style were the panelist were directly in front of the guests.

At hearing people’s different stories I felt like I found my voice. The reason for this is before 2019 I was an introvert who just got on with her life and not really expressing my thoughts as I thought my opinion didn’t matter. Listening to others stories and experiences it made feel confident within myself. I loved Khadeejah and her teams leadership skills it really helped with making the day going smoothly. At the time I was planning my own event it enabled me to think about how I can make my event be as successful as this event. I can’t wait to attend another TBMG event as I will be able to grow as individual even more.

Amal Ali

The Black Muslim Girl

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